Sun City Kings Ballroom

Client: Sun International

Project: Sun City ‘Kings Ballroom’ entertainment complex refurbishment.

Description: Mema Designs custom designed and manufactured 15 large scale chandeliers for the newly refurbished ballroom at Sun City. The chandeliers are 2.8 Meters in diameter and made from handmade aluminium mesh panels and bent rods. The works were designed as a ‘kit of parts’ to be transported to site in separate components and easily assembled in situ.
Each piece is unique – with variations in colour combinations and bent rod shapes.

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What we do

  • Custom Made Designer Lighting
  • Handcrafted Lights / Lamp Fittings
  • Feature Chandeliers
  • Romantic Designer Lights / Lamp Fittings
  • Metal Mesh Light Fittings
  • Pendant Lamps
  • Clustered Lamps
  • Large Scale Sculptural Installations